Who We Are

Golden Interactive Media is a small, woman-owned business founded by Lisa Golden in 2006.

Lisa Golden, President

Lisa has extensive experience planning and implementing enterprise-level web-based training initiatives for global audiences. In addition to a background in writing and teaching, she has more than 20 years of experience in multimedia development and programming, including ten years in management roles.

Because she has worked in content, design, technical, and business roles herself, Lisa is able to bring a holistic view to any media development project. Her talent is in orchestrating textual, visual, auditory, and interactive elements to teach, inform, appeal to, excite, and satisfy an audience.

Besides developing corporate training, Lisa has created interactive courseware for K-12 students, written and edited award-winning marketing collateral, served as managing editor of a national literary magazine, taught writing, and developed commercial websites for online retailers. Her diverse, hands-on background gives her a unique perspective with the ability to align technical, creative, and instructional efforts for the best end product to meet business needs.

Terry Toyama, Producer

Terry Toyama brings 20 years of experience in illustration and information design to her role as Producer. Terry joined Golden Interactive Media in 2008 to manage multimedia project teams and provide graphic design leadership.

Terry’s creative and detail-oriented approach ensures that her projects have strong visual appeal and are impeccably executed, and that clients and project teams stay well informed.

Educated as a medical illustrator at Johns Hopkins University, Terry is talented in working with technical subject matter and communicating visually with artistry and accuracy.

Since entering the field of educational media, Terry has produced highly interactive and engaging online courses for corporate clients on topics ranging from business ethics to networking hardware. Working with many Fortune 500 clients, she has a wealth of experience in corporate communications and branding. In addition, she has developed online games and animations for high school students, and kiosk-based public education.

Project Teams

We build our project teams as needed to meet the unique needs of each project. Project teams frequently include the following types of resources:

  • Instructional designers
  • Editors
  • Art directors
  • Graphic designers
  • Illustrators
  • HTML5 programmers
  • Animators/motion designers
  • Voice talent
  • Localization teams
  • Video production teams

We manage all our own resources, so you just get a seamless final product.

Our Values

  • Surprise and delight
  • Engagement and learning
  • Friendliness (including user-friendliness)
  • Authenticity and diversity
  • Visual appeal
  • Accuracy and care
  • Reliability and follow-through


Since 2006, we've produced 149 online training courses, 15 websites, and 3 podcast series.

We have two full-time employees and have worked with more than 30 talented subcontractors.

Friendly Facts

Our HQ is now in Santa Rosa, in the heart of California's wine country, an hour north of San Francisco.

Lisa and Terry currently work virtually in separate locations, but thankfully we have the company of our pets:

  • Foxy (13-year-old Chihuahua mix)
  • Hollywood (13-year-old tortishell cat, diva)
  • Jaya (3-year-old black cat, feisty)
  • Peaches and Prema (kittens! sister and brother)

Prior to 2020, HQ was in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland / Emeryville / Berkeley).

When not creating online media, Lisa teaches meditation and yoga philosophy.